4   53\’ Trailers / 13\’ 6\” High

STAGE : (Pictured to the right is a 90ft wide 50\’ Deep with two 20ft Video Bays per side)

Total Space
Width   90\’ of clear covered space
Depth  Unlimited (Can be configured to be fully enclosed)

Stage Height   8\’ – 12\’ Adjustable
Roof Height    60\’
Floor Load 200lbs/sq ft

Installation time   12 Stagehand/10 Hours/ 2 Forklifts

500,000lbs Roof Load

40,000lbs Sound Wings per side

RENT THE BIG BOSS Stage is the largest mobile stage available  in the world. Owned by one of our network partners this stage is the greatest thing on the planet. This stage is available for rental for large concert A list acts. This mobile stage sets up by 12 people in 10 hours and can fly any thing your heart desires. Larger configurations will take more time and man power.

This roof can hold half a million pounds of production equipment.

If you are looking for the largest stage that outperforms performs big any stadium or outdoor event grounds YOU FOUND IT!

The process of setting up a BIG BOSS stage can be time consuming even before one piece of equipment arrives on site. The process of coming up with the design, drawings, engineering, building departments, site surveys and more can create difficult situations for the inexperienced. We can provide a one stop solution that has the experience to deal with a one off event to a highly sophisticated touring logistical operation. From brand new grass in brand new stadiums to seaside beaches and beyond we always live up to the challenge.